The FemaleTechcampTogo 2015 held from 25-28 March 2015 at American Corner Lomé on the theme, innovate, undertake and commit. Organized by the US Embassy and E2C TOGO at the American Corner Lomé, this edition aimed to interest the fairer sex in science and technology, develop the leadership of 50 girls by arousing in them, the spirit of inventiveness and creativity for more empowerment and finally develop in them, the entrepreneurial spirit. During these four days, the majority of participants fulfilled our expectations. Participants increased their knowledge of ICTs, expanding their horizons to the endless opportunities of ICTs. With their self-confidence stimulated, they have either founded or joined incubators of technologies, including collaborative workspaces that are places generating innovative ideas and inventions and revolutionary in their institutions and environments of origin.

Three major innovations had furnished the 2015 edition.


  1. The femaletechcamptogo.org website managed the registration process for the candidates who completed a form. Then the top 50 entries were selected and the list of participants posted on the website on March 20, 2015.

  2. Social networks have massively contributed to the media coverage of the FemaleTechCamp 2015 including the facebook page and #FTECHTOGO which was the most used hashtag on March 25, opening day of the FemaleTechCamp Togo 2015.

  3. The pitch or the oral presentation of the participants’ technological projects before a panel of experts.