The FemaleTechCamp 2016 is a project organized by the US Embassy in Lomé and E2c Togo at the American Corner; to support Togolese’s growing interest in science and new technologies. This third edition of the Female Techcamp brought together about fifty young students and professionals in the field of renewable energies in Togo. The latter residing in the five regions of Togo, were selected following an online call for applications. For three days, they participated in conferences and workshops on the opportunities offered by the renewable energy sector; the difficulties faced by industry players and the approaches to solutions. Conferences, exhibitions and experiments, as well as entrepreneurial project competitions have furnished the days of 23, 24 and 25 March.

The goal of this third TechCamp dedicated to women’s life is to broaden the horizons of the participants on the infinite opportunities in the energy sector and boost their self-confidence, so that they become talented founders and leaders to bring to their respective communities their know-how and their experience, has been achieved. The demonstrations of improved solar foci and Professor Tchangbedji’s cult phrase ‘rubbish is a wealth’ had a great impact on the participants, most of whom started incubators like kokolixoassi, among others.

The participants hoped that future editions would multiply and expand to enable them to assimilate without pressure. The 2016 Female Techcamp has also expressed the wish for a tax free solar material in our country and the improvement of the quality of the internet to allow young entrepreneurs to take online courses open to all with fluidity.